Temple of Heaven - organically grown tea

A high quality classic Gunpowder. The tea is dried in rolling drums, which gives it its spherical form. A strong green tea.

Brew 1-2 minutes

Darjeeling first flush - organically grown tea

A fresh first flush Darjeeling, full of flavour. Bright golden cup, flowery bouquet. A special tea of very high quality. Slightly nutty, sweet and soft flavour.

Brew 2-4 mins

Irish breakfast Tea 

A mix of high quality hearty Assam and high-grown Sumatra tea with a dark brown cup: strong, smooth and greatly satisfying.

Earl Grey Blue Star 

A feast for the senses: the popular fine classic Earl Grey tea combined with blue mallow blossoms form a harmonious basis.

Brew 2-3 mins

Ginseng Vital - Ayurveda herbal tea blend

Ginger bits, ginseng, orange peel, raspberry leaves, bean shells, apple bits, Rooibos tea, cinnamon, tulsi herb, pink pepper, cardamon, oats.

Brew 6-10 mins

Wellbeing- Ayurveda herbal tea blend

Rosehips, apple pieces, lemon grass, cloves, cornflower blossoms, fennel, ginger, caraway, raspberry leaves, anise, camomile and cardamom. 

Brew 6-10 mins

Four Seasons - Aromatic herbal tea blend

Raspberry & blackberry leaves, rose petals, aniseed, fennel, rosehips, sunflower blossoms, ribwort, elderberries, peppermint, melissa, apple bits.

Brew 10 mins

Blueberry Rooibos -  Aromatic herbal tea

Full bodied rooibos tea infused with dried blueberries.

Brew 2-5 mins