Surfing in Lahinch

house Brian Jan 7, 2024

Lahinch is a charming seaside village located on the west coast of County Clare. Situated on the shores of Liscannor Bay, Lahinch is renowned for its stunning scenery, golden sandy beach, and world-class surfing conditions. The village is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the rolling hills of the Burren, offering visitors a picturesque setting and a wealth of outdoor activities to enjoy.

One of Lahinch's main attractions is its magnificent beach, which stretches for approximately 2 kilometers and is popular with sunbathers, swimmers, and surfers alike. The consistent Atlantic swells make Lahinch Beach a mecca for surfers of all levels, attracting enthusiasts from around the world to ride the waves.

In addition to its beautiful coastline, Lahinch boasts a vibrant seaside atmosphere with a range of amenities and attractions to explore. The village is home to a variety of charming shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs, where visitors can sample delicious seafood, enjoy traditional Irish music, and soak up the friendly hospitality of the locals.

For golf enthusiasts, Lahinch is renowned for its world-class golf courses, including the Lahinch Golf Club, which offers two championship courses set amidst spectacular coastal scenery. The Old Course at Lahinch is particularly famous for its challenging links layout and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Beyond its natural beauty and outdoor activities, Lahinch serves as an ideal base for exploring the rugged landscapes and cultural attractions of County Clare. Nearby attractions include the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, the unique limestone landscapes of the Burren, and the charming towns of Doolin and Ennistymon.

Lahinch Surf Cam

Checking the weather conditions before heading for a surf is essential for several reasons. Firstly, weather conditions directly impact wave quality and surfability. Factors such as wind speed and direction, swell size and direction, and tide levels all play a significant role in determining wave quality. By checking the weather forecast, surfers can anticipate whether conditions will be favorable for surfing, helping them make informed decisions about when and where to surf.

Weather conditions also affect safety in the water. Strong winds, stormy weather, and adverse sea conditions can create hazardous conditions for surfers, increasing the risk of accidents, injuries, and getting caught in rip currents. Don't surf during red weather alerts if you want to avoid potentially dangerous conditions and ensure safety while in the water.

One useful tool for checking live surf conditions in Lahinch is the Lahinch Live Surf Cam. This live webcam provides real-time footage of the surf conditions at Lahinch Beach, including wave height, wave quality, and crowd levels. By viewing the live surf cam, you can get a firsthand look at the current conditions before heading to the beach, helping them assess whether it's worth making the trip.

For more detailed information on current surfing conditions in Lahinch, surfers can also visit Ben's Surf Clinic website at Here, you can access up-to-date reports on wave conditions, swell forecasts, and tide times, as well as valuable insights and tips from experienced local surfers.


Surf Board and Swim Suit Rental in Lahinch

If you don't have your own surf board you can head over to Lahinch Surf School where rent a wet suit & surf board for a couple of hours. The staff are very kind and accomodating and the price for the rental is 30 euro.

Should you bring your own board?

If you are bringing just one surf board you may able to strap a board to the top of your car. However if you need to bring multiple boards its best to bring them up in a van. Not everyone has access to a van so you may have to hire a man with a van to bring your surf boards into Lahinch for you. Once you are there it is a very short walk from the car park to the beach.